Best Virtual Space For Android (2023)

Get the best virtual space app for Android without any difficulty.

The best virtual space? You’ve found it. I’ll show you how to get the best online virtual space today. I’ve included the most popular virtual apps that work on most Android devices. I’ll shortly add iOS to this Android list.

Virtual space apps allow Android users to clone and transfer data, apps, games, and more. These apps provide Android dual-storage. They use Android space. Each virtual area has its own engine to run applications. Virtual-space apps can copy any Android app.

These virtual-space apps may effortlessly copy social media apps, games, and private files. Some have Android-unavailable functionalities. After reading this post, you’ll never look for another virtual space app.

Top Virtual Space Apps for Android

Choose any virtual-space app that meets your needs. As a consequence, I categorised their rating using the following criteria:

  • Privacy
  • Keymapping for Games
  • Several social media profiles
  • The most recent Android support
  • They should be set free.

Please see the bottom of this post for my recommendation. You can download any of the dual-space or virtual-space apps listed below from the Google Play Store.

Parallel Space

Featured image of Parallel Space
Image: Parallel Space
NameParallel Space
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Rating4.4 Stars

Parallel Space is a top Google Play Store virtual space app. LBETech created Parallel Space. This app cloned social media. This app had no notifications, performance, or other concerns. Bugs were fixed in this app. This app has all your daily needs. Game and app capabilities are amazing. This app may overheat your device, but this is fine. Its focus on privacy and trust sets it distinct from other apps with this many features.

Dual Space

Featured image of Dual Space
Image: Dual Space
NameDual Space
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Rating4.3 Stars

The first virtual space I ever used was called Dual Space. There are many positive reviews for this software. The size of this app is small. Considered to be the smallest virtual space app available on Google Play. The best app for duplicating social media profiles on Android smartphones. The Android app is light on storage and easy to use.

Super Clone

Featured image of Super Clone
Image: Super Clone
NameSuper Clone
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.3 Stars

Super Clone is another best virtual space app. Create infinite social media accounts in this virtual space. This app simplifies managing various social media accounts. This virtual space allows unlimited accounts. Superclone is the best online virtual space app. This app supports Google login in games and apps, unlike the others. Switch between recent accounts easily. Thus, this is the best Android virtual space app.


Featured image of 2Accoutns
Image: 2Accounts
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.0 Stars

2Accounts, a virtual space software, was recently released. Multi-account management is straightforward. Files are not deleted when using this dual space. App crashes result in data loss.  The number of downloads and ratings on the Google Play Store are high. Dual accounts will be notified immediately. It has a lovely user interface. This software can read but not edit application root files.

Multiple Accounts

Featured image of Multiple Accounts
Image: Multiple Accounts
NameMultiple Accounts
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.1 Ratings

Multiple Accounts is a great virtual-space app. This app clones social networking profiles. Like 2Accounts, its UI is great. This app cloned games first, followed by others. Add and remove accounts effortlessly. This programme simplifies virtual machine root access. Octopus is another great online virtual-space tool. Best virtual space game app. This programme has all the other features, such a private safe, privacy locker, quick loading, notifications, updates, and more.


Featured image of Octopus
Image: Octopus
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratingsfewer than four stars

This app surpasses other virtual space apps. This virtual space app has several unique features. You can  plays games. This app lets you joystick-keymap Android games. Mouse or numeric keypad use is simple. Octopus Virtual Space app is great for gaming. This software has many MOBA and shooting game modes.

Clone App

Featured image of Clone App
Image: Clone App
NameClone App
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.3 Stars

Only Clone is ad-free. This app should replace ad-filled virtual spaces. Ad-freeness is this app’s main draw. Its interface resembles other virtual space apps. This app allows colour modification. I found some flaws in this app, which I hope the latest update will fix. This app clones social media apps and allows customisation. The finest app for ad-free users.


Featured image of VMOS
Image: VMOS
Size300MB Approx
TypeVirtual machine
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later

VMOS replicates the operating system. Both free and paid. Dual-space apps are supported. In a virtual machine with root access, this software runs two operating systems. Root access is only available with their Pro plan. This virtual space application is used to test hacking, viruses, and other programmes. A high-end smartphone is required for VMOS. Low memory can cause your device to crash or glitch. However, this application is excellent for creating customised Android.


That’s all for the best virtual reality apps. You can get these apps from the Google Play Store that I have already mentioned. If you ask me which is my favorite virtual-space app, then I will choose VMOS over any other app. Other than VMOS, you can rely on Parallel Space, which is a good choice. You can choose any app as per your requirements; all are in the top virtual spaces.


What is a virtual space app?

A virtual space app is an application that allows you to clone and copy files, apps, games, and other items on your Android device. They function as a dual-storage solution and offer features not available on the device itself.

What are some popular virtual space apps for Android devices?

Some popular virtual space apps for Android devices are: Parallel Space, Dual Space, Super Clone, 2Accounts, Multiple Accounts, Octopus, Clone App, and VMOS.

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