Pixel Piece Roblox Script – Auto Farm, Stats, GodMode (2023)

Unlock the full potential of Pixel Piece by utilising the most effective scripts and exploits.

Get the latest Roblox Pixel Piece Scripts for hacks such as auto-farming and killing aura, among others. This action-packed 3D game made by Worldup Studios for Roblox will take your gaming experience to the next level. Join a big group of Roblox gamers and dive into the world of Pixel Piece, a game that was inspired by the hugely popular Minecraft.

What is Pixel Piece?

Pixel Piece is a game, the most recent release from Worldup Studios for the Roblox platform, invites players to go on an exciting journey. In this game, players travel through a massive pixel world, collaborating with partners to complete difficult missions, survive raids, and gain important treasures from dungeons.

As the game progresses, players can also search for legendary devil fruits, which are claimed to provide unique abilities. Players can also utilise cheats for a more streamlined experience. Get immediate access to the most recent Pixel Piece Scripts to enhance your gaming experience.

All Roblox Pixel Piece Script

a wallpaper image of roblox pixel piece
Image: Roblox Pixel Piece / WorldUp Studios

Get the most feature-rich Pixel Piece Scripts available online, including Auto Farm, Infinite Stats, Kill Aura, and GodMode. Improve your Roblox Pixel Piece game experience with the following list of scripts. Start using them immediately!

Script #1


Script #2

local SinglePlrs = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Files.Remotes.SinglePlayers
local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local itemSelect = "DevilFruit" -- Weapon |
local itemName = "Flame-Flame" -- Ice-Ice | Flame-Flame | Smoke-Smoke | Dark Blade | Kiribachi | Cutlass Kaba | Ax Hand
local args = {
   [1] = {
       ["Call"] = "InteractItem",
       ["itemName"] = itemName,
       ["itemIsa"] = itemSelect,
       ["Type"] = "Equip",
       ["itemId"] = 1
-- to unequip sword just do Type = Unequip

Script #3


Script #4

local args = {
    [1] = {
        ["Call"] = "EvolveStats",
        ["Attribute"] = "Gun",
        ["PointsAdd"] = 0/0

How To Execute Pixel Piece Script

  • To use scripts on Roblox, a reliable exploit such as JJsploit, Fluxus, Synapse X, or others is required.
  • If you don’t have a script executor or exploit for Roblox, you can find the best one in our previous post.
  • Launch Roblox and Pixel Piece, then copy the Pixel Piece script and paste it into the executor’s box.
  • Click “Inject/Attach” and then “Execute” to display the script’s graphical user interface.
  • Enable the hacks you wish to utilise.


In conclusion, Pixel Piece Scripts provide an opportunity to enhance the gaming experience by adding various hacks and cheats to the game. The steps to use the scripts are straightforward, starting with downloading a reliable Roblox exploit and following the process of pasting the Pixel Piece script into the executor and enabling the hacks desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pixel Piece Script?

A Pixel Piece Script is a set of codes that add hacks and cheats to the game Pixel Piece on the Roblox platform.

What is a Roblox exploit?

A Roblox exploit is a program that allows players to execute scripts in Roblox games.

What are the steps to use Pixel Piece Scripts?

To use Pixel Piece Scripts, you need to download a reliable Roblox exploit, paste the script into the executor, click on Inject/Attach and then Execute, and finally enable the desired hacks.

Are Pixel Piece Scripts safe to use?

The safety of using Pixel Piece Scripts is dependent on the source of the script and the reliability of the exploit being used. It is recommended to only use scripts from trusted sources and to have adequate virus protection.

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