Those Who Remain (TWR) Roblox Script (2023)

Unlock infnite ammo, kill all, aimbot, and more with the newest Those Who Remain script!

There is a plethora of scripts for “Those Who Remain.” To that end, I’ve included the full Roblox Those Who Remain script for you to use right now to have access to features like infinite ammo, aimbot, and more.

One of the most engaging survival horror shooters available today is Those Who Remain. It was released in 2016 on the Roblox platform by Peak Development Studios, and its gameplay entails avoiding waves of infected while scavenging for supplies. Those Who Remain has a big terrain and a wide selection of gamemodes, weapons, perks, skins, and more. To assist, I have created a list of useful Those Who Remain scripts to help you on your journey.

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All Those Who Remain Script

Numerous scripts have been made for Those Who Remain, including Aimbot, Infinite Ammo, Kill All, and many more. Hence, without further ado, here is all the script for Roblox Those Who Remain to utilize.


  • Aimbot
  • Infnite ammo
  • Kill All
  • More

Script 1:


How Do I Execute Those Who Remain Script

Image of Those Who Reamin Script gameplay
Image: Roblox Those Who Remain / GamingDoom

Executing the Those Who Remain script on Roblox is simple and straightforward. This script requires a trustworthy Roblox exploit in order to be used. After downloading one of them, you may proceed with the instructions.

  • Start Those Who Remain on your system.
  • Then, simultaneously execute the Roblox script executor.
  • After opening the game, proceed to the executor.
  • To load the script, execute after clicking “Attach/Inject”
  • Choose your desired hacks from the GUI and have fun!

That is all that is required to use the Those Who Remain script. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions, or ask us in the comments.


Finally, the Those Who Remain script is a must-have for any gamer wishing to improve their gaming experience. Players can use the Roblox Those Who Remain script to acquire access to hacks such as infinite ammo, aimbot, and more, making surviving against infected waves much simpler. The script’s execution is quick and simple, requiring only a Roblox exploit and a few simple steps.


What is Those Who Remain script?

Those who remain script is a lua-coded script that provides an unfair advantage in the game. Unlocking infnite ammo, an aimbot, and much more is possible.

Is Those Who Remain script safe?

They are safe to use, but Roblox does not permit third-party scripts to modify game data. If they discover, they will suspend your account.

What are the features of Those Who Remain script?

The Those Who Remain script provides a variety of features, including infinite ammo, aimbot, kill all, and more.

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