Combat Warriors Script (2024) – Kill Aura, Inf Stamina & More

Get Combat Warriors script and take advantage of features such as kill aura, esp, infinite stamina, and more!

Today, I am sharing the Combat Warriors script, which you can utilize to get an unfair advantage in the game.

You can obtain various features with the help of this script, such as infinite air, stamina, no damage, kill aura, and many more.

You can easily increase your character’s jump power, and more things with the help of the script.

Combat Warriors is a fighting game that, like Blood Flow and Criminality, combines melee and ranged weapons.

It was created by popular Roblox game developers, PlayCombatWarriors. As players fight with different weapons, the game promises to be bloody, intense, and exciting.

You can play Combat Warriors in different ways, depending on whether you want to fight your enemies up close or from afar. Prepare for an incredible journey filled with unending action and adventure.

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All Combat Warriors Script

Combat Warrior scripts are lua coded scripts that are used in conjunction with the Roblox script executor to manipulate game data and obtain features such as infinite jump power, esp, infnite air, infinite stamina, kill aura, and more.


1. Kill Aura

A cheat in a game that automatically targets and attacks nearby enemies, providing an unfair advantage by removing the requirement for the player to manually select their targets.

2. Infinite Stamina

A cheat that eliminates or significantly reduces the amount of stamina or energy that is consumed, thereby enabling players to perform actions without being restricted in any way.

3. ESP

A hack that reveals the positions of enemies or objects through walls or obstacles, providing players with an advantage by increasing awareness. It is also one of the most popular cheat in online FPS games.

4. Walkspeed

A cheat that grants the player an advantage in terms of mobility and maneuverability by granting the player character the ability to move at a faster speed than normal. You can take advantage of this in the Combat Warriors.

5. No Damage

A cheat that stops the player’s character from taking any damage, giving the player an unfair advantage by making them immune to any harm that could be dealt by enemies or environmental hazards.

Script 1


Script 2


Script 3


Script 4


How To Use Combat Warrior Script

Screenshot of the virtual reality game combat warriors script
Image: How To Use Combat Warriors Script / Gaming Doom

If you are facing issues while using the Combat Warriors script, then follow the below steps;

  • First, if you don’t already have one, get a reliable Roblox exploit from our website. SentinelDeltaEvon v5, and other popular exploits are listed below.
  • Install the downloaded exploit on your computer.
  • After installing it, launch it alongside Roblox Combat Warriors on your computer.
  • Copy the script from this page and paste it into the executor/exploit.
  • Then, to access the graphical user interface of the script, click “Attach/Inject” and then “Execute.”
  • When the script GUI appears, select your hacks, and enjoy!

As you can see, that is all you need to do if you want to use the Combat Warrior script.

But if any of my brothers are still having problems, please check the FAQs or leave a comment below if you haven’t found your answer; I’d be happy to assist.


Combat Warriors is a game that allows players to engage in thrilling battles using both melee and ranged weapons.

Players can gain additional features such as kill aura, infinite stamina, no damage, and more by using the Combat Warriors script.

To use the script, players must first download a trustworthy Roblox exploit before following the simple steps to inject the script into the game.


What is the Combat Warriors script?

The Combat Warriors script is a lua script that works with a Roblox script executor to manipulate game data and obtain various features.

What features are included in the Combat Warriors script?

The Combat Warriors script includes features such as kill aura, infinite stamina, no damage, tracer esp, infinite air, and more.

Is it safe to use the Combat Warrior script?

Well, I can’t guarantee that using the Combat Warrior script is safe because Roblox does not permit the use of third-party scripts, and using them will result in account suspension.

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