Krunker Script Download (2024) – ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil & More

Download the Krunker Hacks script and enjoy hacks like ESP, aimbot, no recoil, and more!

Do you want to score more points in the game? If you answered yes, then you should try Krunker Hacks, which provides you with special features such as Aimbot, Speedhack, Wallhack, Fast Healer, No Recoil, and many more.

It is a first-person multiplayer survival shooting game with 3D graphics and Pixelated characters. You can play this game on any browser, such as Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, without worrying about RAM or graphics card limitations.

You can also play on your smartphone browser, but a good Internet connection is required for both phone and PC users because is an online game.

If you like the script, we will show you a lot of Kunker hacks. Save this page so you can check back for updates.

All Krunker Hacks Script

Krunker hacks script are basically cheating scripts that are used in combination with extensions to alter game data. You can get features like ESP, aimbot, fast healer, no recoil, speed hack, and much more by using these scripts.


I’ve described some features that most people, including myself, use. These features are anti-ban and work without issue. I really like these hacks and wanted to share them with you, so here they are.

1. ESP

ESP stands for Extra-Sesnory Perception, and with the help of this krunker hack, you can locate your enemies. This cheat is used by thousands of Krunker players. It’s a popular cheat in shooting games because it lets you see an enemy’s health, name, location, and other information.

2. Aimbot

Aimbot is a popular shooting game cheat. These hacks allow you to more precisely target your enemies. It is one of the most commonly used Krunker hacks. I also use this feature to quickly dispatch enemies. This Krunker hacks script feature is anti-ban and works flawlessly.

3. Speed Hack

This cheat allows you to move your character faster than the game’s default speed. By moving faster, you can easily deal with your opponent’s fires. It works flawlessly on all devices. However, I recommend that you avoid using this cheat because it may result in your IP or account being banned.

4. No Recoil

Recoil is a serious issue for those who are unable to control it. I understand that it is entirely dependent on practice. If you want to reduce recoil, use this Krunker hack script, which will give you this feature; once enabled, recoil will no longer be an issue.

That’s all for the Krunker hacks script features; now we’ll go over how to use this Krunker script. If you don’t know how to use this script, just follow the steps we’ve provided below and you’ll be fine.

How To Use Krunker Script

Screenshot of Krunker hacks script gameplay
Image: How To Use Krunker Hacks Script / GamingDoom

To use the Krunker script, you must first install the TamperMoney extension on your browser. You can do so by going to your browser’s extension directory. In Chrome, for example, there is a Chrome Web Store where you can download this extension.

After you’ve added the Tampermoney extension, you’ll need to paste the script code you copied over here. Then click run, and your script will begin to execute. If the script does not run, try restarting the game or restarting your browser.

That’s all it takes to run the Krunker hack script in your browser. If you are having problems, please check the FAQs first, and if they are still unanswered, please comment below and I will be happy to assist.

NameKrunker Central Script
Last update18 Feb, 2023


Finally, is a fun game that allows players to engage in multiplayer shooting in a pixelated environment. Aimbot, speedhack, wallhack, fast healer, no recoil, and other special features are available in Krunker hacks, which can help players score more points in the game. The ESP feature allows players to locate their opponents, while the aimbot feature allows for more precise targeting. The speed hack allows characters to move faster than the default speed, and no recoil reduces recoil while firing.


What is is a first-person shooter online game with 3D graphics and pixelated characters like Minecraft, Roblox.

Are Krunker hacks safe to use?

No, they are not secure and may result in the suspension of your account or IP address. If you are using reliable cheats, this may not be the case.

What are Krunker hacks?

Krunker hacks are lua-coded scripts that can be used in conjunction with extensions to modify game data and provide special features such as aimbot, speedhack, wallhack, fast healer, no recoil, and more.

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