Sword Slasher Script (2024) – Auto Farm, Kill All, & More

Get the Sword Slasher script and take advantage of features like auto kill, auto farm, and more!

Are you looking for the Sword Slasher script? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. Today, in this blog post, I will share Roblox Sword Slasher pastebin hacks that you can use to get features such as auto farm, kill all, auto hatch eggs, equip best weapons, and many more.

Roblox Sword Slasher is an engaging combat game within the Roblox platform. In this game, players face challenging waves of enemies, battling their way through a series of stages. The objective is to defeat enemies and progress through 100 waves, all while upgrading their character’s abilities and acquiring new swords. In addition to allowing players to combine weapons to make them stronger, Sword Slasher has an AFK mode that allows users to grind for gems while not actively playing.

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All Sword Slasher Script

The Roblox Sword Slasher script is a lua-coded script that can be used with a Roblox script executor to gain an unfari advantage in the game. These scripts are used to obtain in-game features such as auto farm, kill all, hatch eggs, auto equip weapons, and many others.


1. Auto Farm

Auto farm is a well-known cheat that allows players to automate various aspects of the game. You will have an easier time accomplishing tasks, missions, and quests if you make use of this feature.

2. Kill All

Activating the Kill all feature will cause all nearby enemies within a certain range to be instantly eliminated. You can use this feature to kill the nearby enemies, and it functions properly; in fact, I am a big fan of this feature and find myself using it quite frequently.

3. Auto Hatch Egg

The Sword Slasher script includes a feature called “Auto hatch egg” that gives players the ability to automatically hatch eggs while playing the game. Those who play sword slasher are aware of how important it is to have this feature, as it is a helpful addition to the game.

4. Auto Equip Weapon

The best sword in the game will be automatically equipped whenever the auto equip weapon is used. This function is helpful because it automatically selects the best weapon in the game when it’s activated.

Script #1

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
    for Index, Mob in next, workspace.Mobs:GetChildren() do
        if Mob:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then

Script #2

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ExolutionProject/Scripts/main/ExolutionPremiumHub.lua", false))()

Script #3

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ToraIsMe2/ToraIsMe2/main/0swordslasher", true))()

How To Execute Sword Slasher Script

Screenshot of Roblox Sword Slasher script gameplay
Image: How To Execute Sword Slasher Script / Gaming Doom

The Sword Slasher script is very easy to use. All you need is a Roblox executor and a script, which you can get from this page. If you have these, we can proceed to the instructions.

  • First, get the reliable Roblox exploit from our website. Delta, and Evon Install the Roblox script executor/exploit on your device after downloading it.
  • Launch Roblox Rogue Demon and the Roblox script executor on your device.
  • Copy and paste the script from this page into the Roblox exploit.
  • After pasting the script, select “Attach/Inject” and then “Execute.”
  • When the script GUI appears, select your hacks, and enjoy!

That’s it for using the Sword Slasher script. If you have any problems, please read the FAQs first, and if you still have questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will do my best to help.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you want to run scripts in a Roblox game like Sword Slasher, you need a Roblox exploit. With options like JJsploit, Fluxus, Synapse X, and more, finding the right exploit is important. Once the chosen exploit has been downloaded and installed, players can copy and paste the scripts they want into the executor and run them in-game. Also, bookmark this page for future updates.


What is Sword Slasher script?

Sword Slasher is a lua script that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Is it safe to use Sword Slasher script?

No, if you use external scripts in Roblox, you risk having your account banned.

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