Ski Race Script (2024) – Auto Rebirth, Collect Speed & More

Get Ski Race script and enjoy auto rebirth, auto crafting, auto wins, and other features!

Roblox users can ski through a virtual world while collecting power-ups and other bonuses in the game Ski Race. Throughout the world, you’ll be skiing, and your goal is to reach the fastest possible speed. To do this, they’ll need to pick up lightning bolts to increase their speed, money to increase their chances of winning, and a variety of pets to support them along the way. As such, I’ve compiled a list of ski race scripts for your use, adding to the resources already available to you.

Ski Race script can be used for a variety of things in the game. It has a number of useful features, including auto rebirth, auto craft, a wins farm, and collect speed. So, if you enjoy this script, you can find many others like it on our site, including Saitama Battleground Script, EarthScape Tycoon Script, and Pixel Piece Roblox Script.

All Ski Race Script

The Ski Race script is a lua-coded programme that can be used to cheat in the game. These scripts will help you dominate the competition and win games with ease. Auto rebirth, auto craft, auto farm wins, and auto collection speeds are just some of the features you can use to your advantage.


1. Auto Rebirth

Using this function of the Ski Race script, you will be able to return your character to the beginning level of the game. You can use this to play the game more than once and collect items that you skipped picking the first time around. This feature is helpful in games like Ski Race and many others where you have to choose between two different paths.

2. Auto Farm

The Auto Farm feature’s primary purpose is to facilitate the automatic completion of in-game tasks. Using this cheat will also give you the ability to collect items that will become available in the game after completing specific challenges. If you want to get some rewards for doing some simple tasks, using this cheat is going to be helpful for you.

3. Auto Craft

The cheat known as auto craft will enable you to automatically create items within the game. You can use this cheat to construct items in the game as well as accomplish a great deal more that is related to crafting. This is a feature that I really like, and I think it adds a lot of value to Ski Race.

4. Collect Speed

You will be able to accumulate speed while you are skiing if you use the collect speed hack. You’ll be able to ski much faster as a result, which will make it much simpler and quicker for you to win games and complete tasks. You can collect speed using this feature without even having to worry about the challenges you will face while grabbing the speed, so long as you remember to do so.

Script 1

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Script 2


How Do I Use Ski Race Script

Image of Roblox Ski Race script gameplay
Image: Roblox Ski Race Script Gameplay / GamingDoom

In case you are doing this for the first time and run into any difficulties, I have included some helpful hints below. A reliable Roblox exploit is required.

  • To begin, copy the above Roblox Ski Race Script.
  • Now you can download any Roblox exploit from our website.
  • Then simply start the game.
  • At the same time, run the executor.
  • In the executor, paste the script code.
  • To load the script, click “Attach/Inject” and then execute.
  • Have fun selecting your desired hacks from the GUI!

That’s all you need to do to use this Ski Race script. If you have any questions, please read our FAQs, and if you are having problems, please let us know in the comments; I would be happy to assist.


The Ski Race script is a well-known cheating tool among Roblox users. Players can easily dominate the competition and win games with features such as auto rebirth, auto farming, auto crafting, and collect speed. The script is a lua-coded programme that works with a Roblox exploit. Simply copy the script code, download a Roblox exploit, run the executor, paste the code, and execute it to use the Ski Race script.


Is the Ski Race script safe to use?

The use of any cheating tools, including the Ski Race script, violates Roblox’s terms of service and may result in a ban.

Can I use the Ski Race script without a Roblox exploit?

No, using the Ski Race script requires a Roblox exploit.

Are there any alternatives to using the Ski Race script?

To avoid cheating and play the game fairly, try practising and improving your skills without using any scripts.

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