Space War Tycoon Script (2024) – Auto Farm, Krones & More

Get Space War Tycoon script and gain access to features such as auto farm and krones!

Hello, Tycoon! How are you doing today? Looking for reliable Space War Tycoon scripts? Find tested and proven options here. If you agreed to it! If that is the situation, cease your search! Discover a compilation of Space War Tycoon scripts featuring exciting features like auto farming, krones, and other enhancements. Explore this article to enhance your gameplay experience.

This popular game was developed on the Roblox platform by CodeXStudios. In this game, the best way to earn money is to seize control of the most valuable structures and earn greater rewards over time. As your rank increases, you will observe your ascent up the leaderboard. To help you get started on your journey to become the best tycoon in the area, we’ve compiled a list of all the working Space War Tycoon script.

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All Space War Tycoon Script

Space War Tycoon scripts are lua-coded scripts that enhance gameplay by modifying game data and unlocking advanced features not available in the base game. By utilizing these scripts, you can effortlessly acquire auto farm, krones, and various other features.


1. Auto Farm

Auto Farm is an excellent choice for completing game tasks effortlessly and efficiently. Maximize your gaming experience with the incredible space war tycoon script feature. Unlock the ability to effortlessly gather game rewards and enjoy a multitude of additional benefits.

2. Krones

To acquire free krones in Space War Tycoon, make use of the script’s free krones feature. This feature enables players to obtain krones without any cost in the game. You should definitely try out this amazing feature in the game. By utilizing this feature, Krones will receive multiple rewards.

Script 1

for _,t in pairs(getgc(true)) do
if type(t) == 'table' then
   if rawget(t, "Ammo") then
    rawset(t, "Ammo", math.huge)
   if rawget(t,'FireRate') then
   rawset(t,'FireRate', 1000)
   if rawget(t,'ReloadTime') then
   rawset(t,'ReloadTime', 0.5)
   if rawget(t,'Shells') then
   rawset(t,'Shells', 5)-- I think work only on shotguns
   if rawget(t,'RecoilMax') then
   rawset(t,'RecoilMax', 0)
   if rawget(t,'GunType') then
   rawset(t,'GunType', 'Auto')
   if rawget(t,'RecoilMin') then
   rawset(t,'RecoilMin', 0)
   if rawget(t,'HipSpread') then
   rawset(t,'HipSpread', 0)
   if rawget(t,'AimSpread') then
   rawset(t,'AimSPread', 0)

I will recommend bookmarking this page for future updates of Space War Tycoon scripts. I’ve just published a post on Space War Tycoon Codes, and I believe this will be useful as well.

How Do I Use Space War Tycoon Script

Image of Space War Tycoon script gamepaly
Image: Roblox Space War Tycoon Script Gameplay / GamingDoom

We need a reilable Roblox exploit before we can run the script. If you don’t have one, you can refer to our previous post. Assuming you have one, we can move on to the instructions.

  • To begin, copy the Space War Tycoon script.
  • Then, launch Roblox and go to the Space War Tycoon game.
  • Run the Roblox exploit alongside the game.
  • After launching the exploit, copy and paste the script.
  • To load the script, click “Attach/Inject” and then execute.
  • Choose the hacks you want from the GUI.

As you can see, it is as simple as that, but if you are still having problems, please refer to our FAQs and, if necessary, leave a comment.


In summary, the availability of Space War Tycoon scripts is currently limited. However, we are actively searching for them and suggest checking back for updates. To utilize these scripts, it is essential to have a dependable Roblox exploit. After acquiring the exploit, you can easily insert the script into the game and connect it to activate the desired hacks by using the graphical user interface (GUI).


What are Space War Tycoon scripts?

Space War Tycoon scripts are lua-coded scripts that modify game data and add advanced features like auto farm, krones, and more.

Are Space War Tycoon scripts available now?

No, Space War Tycoon scripts are not currently available. We recommend checking back for updates.

What do I need to run the script?

You will need a reliable Roblox exploit to run the script.

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